common questions

can i have access?

  • public access is disabled due to limited server resources and to limit abuse. if you still think you deserve access, contact me via discord or instagram.

what file types can i upload?

  • png, jpg, gif, mp4, mp3, mpg, mov, jpeg, tiff, bmp, ico, psd, eps, raw, cr2, nef, sr2, orf, svg, wav, webm, aac, flac, ogg, ogv, wmv, wma, m4a, gifv, txt, zip, rar, webp, pdf, apng

what can i upload?

  • no disturbing/sensitive content (gore, self-harm, shootings, etc.)
  • no illegal content (child porn, torrents, viruses, copyright content, etc.)
  • any uploads can be removed without notice
  • use common sense and you'll be fine

how do i report illegal/malicious content?

  • opiat.es will not tolerate abuse of its servers. however, despite our best efforts, people may use it for terrible and/or illegal things. to submit an abuse report, please include all relevant information in an e-mail to [email protected]

do you collect information?

  • exif data is erased from jpg/jpeg files
  • browser data and cookies are used to improve website experience
  • see: privacy policy

how can i trust you with my files?

  • you can't. if you don't trust me, then don't use the service

any questions, comments, or concerns?